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“I am a man in my mid-50′s who has been plagued by back problems for more than thirty years. I have also played golf since I was a teenager, but have had to quit the game twice for long periods of time due to my back. After the first layoff, and further injury, I sought the care of a chiropractor. Regular visits helped and I eventually began playing golf again, but I still lacked flexibility and my back problems often flared up with little provocation. Since swinging a golf club was one of the things that could provoke pain, I gave up the game a second time.

Over 3 years ago my lower back went out far worse than it ever had before prompting me to see Dr. Wendrow who uses Spinal Decompression Therapy. I began to notice increased flexibility and marked reduction in my pain levels with the LCD Spinal Care System. I could easily hit the ball well over 220 yards as a teenager. Now I can hit the ball 225 yards or more, plus my back feels better than it has in over 30 years. I am now pain free because of Spinal Decompression!” – Ken Goldberg

“I have been suffering with constant lower back pain for the last 5 years or so. Back in the Summer I started getting severe pains in my neck and my shoulder. When I walked in I was impressed by the warm greeting from the front desk personnel and the doctors. My first appointment was set for the next day. The doctor gave his explanation of my x-rays and the treatment plan proposed convinced me that I was in the hands of real experts. Now, only 4 months later, after years of suffering, my pains have almost disappeared. I’m actually feeling a little sad because I’ll miss the attention, concern, and friendship all of you have offered me over the last few months.

Thanks again for all you’ve done for me. I will be sure to let all of my friends and students know about the wonderful work all of you do in treating “mind, body and spirit”. – John Lott

“I have been a patient of Dr. Wendrow for many years, and would see him primarily for adjustments and the occassional sports injury. This last year, I severely injured my back. The MRI reported a compressed L5, herniated L4 and swollen L3. As a result of my injury, I was bed ridden for two weeks. I was in incredible pain with persistant sciatic pain through my lower left side including my left hip and leg. I was so uncomfortable that I was taking at least 2-3 aleve every 5 hrs. and not sleeping through the night. Moreover, I was unable to sit in chair. I was considering laser surgery at the time. Needless to say, I was unable to exercise. I run at least 3 miles and lift weights. In addition to being an attorney, I play drum set professionally which I was also unable to do.

Fortunately for me, Dr. Wendrow had just purchased the decompression machine for his office. I had heard great things about it from other people whom had used it. I started the prescribed treatments, including electric stim and ice afterwards. Litterally, after the first session, it felt as though my lower back had opened up. I was still in pain, but after my 4th session my pain had been reduced by at least 45%. By my 10th session I was pain free! I currently still prefer to use decompression preventively, as I am very active. I am now back to my usual exercise routine and am symptom free. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 954-303-5997.” – Mark Bain

“I told Dr. Wendrow that I was experiencing excruciating lower back and leg pain. Both he and previous doctors diagnosed me with a lower back disc problem and a severely degenerated disc at L5-S1, the base of my spine. By the way, I am 81 years old. I experienced significant relief within the first week of care. I began treatment 2 months ago and I was discharged today. I have been to several other doctors within my HMO and other chiropractors who were only able to give me temporary relief. I am now completely pain free. Further, I did not have to take any medication. I am now able to walk and sleep better. I also have a more positive outlook since I am now more functional.” – Marie Calverto

“I have been a patient of Care Plus Injury Rehabilitation Center since May 2000 and have been a very satisfied patient. I started with Dr. Wendrow when I had problems with my lower back. Since that time, I have had 2 Total Knee Replacements and 1 Total Shoulder Replacement and did all of my Physical Therapy at that office. I have complete ranch of motion on both legs and on my shoulder. I walk better than anyone else I have met with the same surgery. Care Plus is the kind of place that gives you complete one on one treatment and everyone there makes you feel special. I recently was in a car accident and I am going to Care Plus for all of my Injury Therapy. They are the best.” – Terre Nappi

“To whom it may concern: I began having back pain for the past (4) years. In Jamaica, I went to several doctors, but nobody helped me until Dr. Michael Wendrow put his hands on me. Thank God I have no more pain. His Rehabilitation Center is the best in the Miami area. Two months was all I needed with the doctor and now I feel so much better. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!” – Hazel Bushay

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